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Elevator Pitching 101

Elevator Pitch

What is an Elevator Pitch?

Similar to a TV commercial you'd see anytime, but instead of promoting a product, you're showcasing YOURSELF. During this presentation, you will be advertising yourself to a company, mentioning what you can bring to a company and the benefits that come with it.

In addition, why it is called an 'Elevator' Pitch because it takes 20-30 seconds for the average elevator to get to the designated floor. With that, it will take YOU that amount of time to impress the company or executive you're talking to on whether you deserve the job you applied for.

The Structure

Who You Are

It's always important to maintain manners when approaching someone to ask for a job. Besides introducing yourself, ensure that your approach is polite and doesn't make the other person uncomfortable.

Short Background

After your introduction, mention your background that helped you get to where you are now:

  • What are you studying?

  • What business are you in?

  • What industry are you in?

Tip: Provide some context. An example would be if you are a small business owner who is just starting off. Mention what your company does, its goals for the future, and how it can help the community.

The Connection

When mentioning your background information, make sure that it is relevant to the topic of your discussion. When explaining what you are doing, studying, or researching, it should support your other reasons why what you are saying is something worth listening to.

The Ask

This stage of the conversation might be the most intimidating but remember the reason why you approached this person or group in the first place:

  • Do you want an internship or job?

  • Do you want them to be your mentor?

  • Do you want to collaborate?

Asking the question is an important step or else the other party you are talking to might not understand the goal of the conversation and why you are approaching them. You don't want to confuse them.

Don't forget to say Thank you!

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch Example

Context: I am a final-year design student attending a design conference in New York. I am meeting the creative director of a creative agency where I dream of interning in.

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Laura, nice to meet you.


I’m graduating this year with a Bachelor of Communication Design from Pratt Institute.

The Connection

I’ve been following your work at Company X closely as I want to become an Art Director. I’ve already done two internships in creative agencies to perfect my skills in branding, typography, and illustration.

The Ask

I dream of having the opportunity to intern for you. Is there somebody I could contact to apply for an internship for Company X this Summer?

In conclusion, an elevator pitch is your personal TV commercial, where you're the star. Keep it polite, share a bit about yourself, connect it to your topic, and clearly state what you're seeking. And always remember to say, "Thank you!" Best of luck with your next elevator pitch – you've got this!


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