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ABI Profile: Yosel


studied at FIT, majoring in Advertising & Marketing Communication. She did an internship at Reflexgroup, a creative agency in New York in the Summer of 2020.

For my ABI internship I was placed with Reflexgroup - a boutique creative agency focusing on fashion, beauty, & lifestyle luxury brands. Reflexgroup is known for their diverse selection of top tier clients and years of international experience.

With offices in New York, Paris, Shanghai, London and Milan, Reflexgroup is definitely among the best creative agencies in the world. Some of their past clients include Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Air France, YSL and Lancome to name a few.

As a creative strategy & production intern, I was responsible for doing a lot of research and trend analysis. I was also heavily involved in creative and strategic brainstorming for projects.

Mademoiselle Provence photoshoot at Reflexgroup

Some of my other main tasks were partaking in competitive landscape analysis such as benchmarking, trends and best practices for brands. I was also involved in working with formulating a cohesive brand identity for clients and working with social media management.

Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to assist with production coordination for photoshoots involving two skincare brands Mademoiselle Provence and Lancer Skincare.

Mademoiselle Provence photoshoot at Reflexgroup

This internship with Reflexgroup has truly given me a strong insight into the creative industry and has shed light on the process of working with a wide range of clients from various industries. I believe that this internship has truly served as a guiding light steering me in the right direction.

This experience has definitely given me a better understanding on how I want to proceed as a young creative.

Mademoiselle Provence photo shoot day at Reflexgroup

As challenging as it was to intern in the middle of a pandemic, I strongly believe that this internship which began remotely for me has refined my virtual communication skills and has proved to me how important effective communication is in order to work cohesively as a team.

This was one of my first internships that provided me with actual industry experience and for that I will always be grateful to ArtBound Initiative and Reflexgroup.

Yosel with other ABI members and Gerardo, New York Program Coordinator

ABI was very instrumental in guiding me throughout the entire process. The coaching sessions prior to the start of my internship really helped me gauge exactly what I want to learn and get out of the program and the internship. It truly refined my career goals and allowed me to have a little more confidence in myself.

Coming from Bhutan, a tiny Himalayan kingdom and having gone to boarding school in India, I have always cherished cultivating a strong sense of community. Through ABI I was able to find another community of like minded creative individuals.

Yosel and Vivian, fellow ABI member

Lastly, having the opportunity to work as an Ambassador allowed me to get more involved with the program and the participants. Mentoring new participants and talking about the program has allowed me to further cultivate more relationships and enhance my experience as a recent graduate trying to make it in today’s highly competitive world.

This program has strongly highlighted the importance of fostering meaningful connections and I intend to cultivate all the meaningful relationships I've made with my ABI family.


Creative Strategy & Production Intern | ReflexGroup


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