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ABI Profile: Wanaka


studies Screen Production and Art History (Double Major) at University of Auckland. Wanaka completed her virtual internship with Braven Films, an independent production company located in the heart of Manhattan in the Flatiron District.

At Braven Films, I got the invaluable opportunity of getting to write coverage on scripts, pilot episode outlines, and documentation pitch for upcoming projects.

I also got to watch rough cuts to give feedback on and participate in meetings to discuss what kind of stories are missing in the current market. The internship was a great experience to get inspired by established filmmakers and writers and see the level of originality within these projects.

Doing a shoot

The internship was such a cool experience of getting hands-on experience of what the world of pre-production looks like on a larger scale. Being able to be a part of a team who strives to elevate people’s work and tell a story unlike any other is really special.

I’ve been able to take away with me so many great lessons on how to produce unique stories and what the overall story development stage looks like in the film industry. They are lessons which I’ve been able to take on with me in my little filmmaking toolbox.

The internship has been a great stepping stone in my career as a creative. It’s opened other doors for me here in New Zealand in which I'm able to translate my story/ script development skills into the video game industry. It’s also given me the confidence to continue to hero diverse stories which are needed in today’s media landscape in my own passion projects.

It’s so easy for people starting out in creative industries to not know where to even begin making those initial connections and steps to fulfill their ambitions. But ABI helped me so much in connecting me to people I would never have been able to meet in New Zealand.

The ABI team and community also helped me along my internship journey by helping me gain the confidence, motivation, and holding me accountable to succeed as a creative.


Script Development Intern | Braven Films


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