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ABI Profile: Ting Ting


graduated from Pratt University with highest honors. She majored in Communication Design (Emphasis on Graphic Design) with a Minor in History of Art & Design. She did an internship at TBWA, Hong Kong and now works full-time as their Junior Director!

I spent three months as an art direction intern at TBWA Hong Kong, a 4A advertising agency with clients like Standard Chartered, Hennessy, and Starbucks. The team I was in specifically works for Starbucks, so I worked on several of their seasonal campaigns and brand collaboration campaigns.

TBWA works with Standard Chartered

Working with other art directors, copywriter and the strategy team, we develop creative directions that are on-brief and on-brand. After coming up with an overarching idea and art direction, we need to flush out the actual assets, both in-store and out-store. It's a very collaborative process, so we share and exchange research, and ideas, and help each other on execution as well. I feel really grateful that I was given the opportunity to present directly to clients, which is rarely something interns are allowed to do in most places.

In addition, my colleagues and supervisor were all very encouraging and supportive, so I had a great time with them.

Ting Ting with friends

To be able to see and learn firsthand how campaigns are created and carried out is very valuable. Not only did my technical skills improve, but also my understanding of art direction and how to develop something that is both on-brand and adhering to the strategy.

Studying in college and working in the industry are extremely different, and while college is definitely very valuable, I'd say working increases the speed of learning by at least two times.

Hong Kong skyline

This internship gave me the improvement in skills, both hard and soft that would definitely help me in the future. Interning at an agency like this and creating work for a big account like Starbucks would help me with future career prospects. Plus, and it's BIG plus, I, quite unexpectedly, got my first full-time position out of this internship! ABI also helped a lot along the way with small exercises and meetings with different professionals in the field to get you prepared.

The internship was an amazing learning experience. ABI helped a lot by connecting me with professionals in the field.

Ting Ting

Design Intern | TBWA

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