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ABI Profile: Shruti


graduated from Monash University in 2021 where she was majoring in Architecture. Shruti did an internship at EcoSphere in Melbourne in the Spring of 2021.

"During my Spring 2021 Internship with ArtBound Initiative, I was placed with EcoSphere Architectural Firm for 3 months. The firm is known to work on international projects, residential and commercial projects. During my three months of internship, I got the opportunity to work alongside the Principal Architect Frank Etna."

"We worked together on one of his international projects, giving me an insight into how to create presentations for clients and work with clients in order to win projects. My other task also included working on current residential and commercial projects for which I had to do AutoCAD and rendering work for architectural documentation for clients."

"My day-to-day work life would be quite flexible as I would assign my own timesheets and worked during those hours. It would give me the opportunity to schedule my day as per my needs."

One of Shruti's work for her university projects

"EcoSphere Architects decided to keep me on, and so currently I am undertaking various types of projects which has been great fun as I am learning heaps and its great to have practical experience within the industry. This experience has given me an insight into what the industry is like, what its expectations are and how to get ahead if I want to stay competitive. This experience will definitely have a lasting impact on my career and has already got me ready to begin my master’s degree next year."

Shruti with fellow ABI crew in Melbourne

"ArtBound Initiative has helped me so much during the entire process from the beginning to the very end of my participation. During our coaching session, Laura got me to think about where I see myself in the future and it helped me understand what actions I needed to take in order to achieve those goals. Later on, ABI helped me with perfecting my resume and portfolio as well as developing my social presence by developing my website."

"I am so grateful for ABI as they have given me the opportunity to get a foot in within the industry and it’s been amazing to have met such great people along the way especially with the Melbourne crew."

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