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ABI Profile: Shimmy


graduated from The University of Sydney, where she was majoring in Screen Arts. She did an internship in Sydney in the Spring of 2021 at Shape Shifter Studio.

My internship was at a production company called Shape Shifter in Sydney. They are a production company that specializes in animation and have done works for BBC, Cartoon Networks etc.

My main task was to help them with social media strategy and research information about preparing for their EPK.

"I have made great connections through this internship that I really treasure. Adam, who was responsible for my internship has still been incredibly helpful after I finished my internship, mentoring me through my upcoming projects."

Shimmy's work for Anso's new single "So Damn Loud"

"It's amazing to have someone who is well experienced in the industry provide you advice with situations that you don't know how to handle or navigate yet. I think that's definitely one of the things I am most happy about from the internship."

"Art Bound Initiative helped me to get prepared for the professional world. The workshop helped me to make my portfolio and resume look more professional and presentable. I also appreciated the zoom call meetings with industry professionals that gave us opportunities to get insight about the industry and ask questions directly."

Shimmy holding her birthday cake

"I am also happy that ArtBound Initiative got me in touch with Shape Shifter Studio. Even though they weren't as big as companies I initially wanted, because it was a small company there were more hands on experiences and closer relationship built."

See some of Shimmy's work at

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