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ABI Profile: Prinshu


is a student at Earlham College, Richmond, majoring in Studio Art and Global Management. Prinshu then landed a virtual internship at Eric Forman Studio.

For my virtual internship I had the opportunity to intern as a social media and PR intern for Eric Forman Studios. Eric Forman is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer whose work combines elements from the fields of art, design, architecture, and new technology.

I was responsible for helping the artist maintain his social media account specifically his Instagram page. I was tasked with drafting content for his artwork which meant I wrote captions, corrected images, edited videos, found relevant hashtags and researched effective ways to keep his Instagram audience engaged.

Prinshu is a Ceramic Artist

As someone who wants to pursue being a studio artist after graduating from college, I found my internship with Eric Forman studios to be significantly valuable.

Through the internship, I learned the importance of documenting and showcasing my work. I learned about effective ways to present my work online, especially when it comes to Instagram and websites. There are many details of posting content online that I did not pay attention to before the internship but have since realized the significance of caring about those tiny details.

Along with learning about building an online presence, I gained experience in taking initiative in a virtual internship environment. The virtual nature of my internship especially emphasized the significance of consistent communication. These experiences will translate not just in my personal work but will also come in handy when I work on collaborative projects.

Eric Forman's Studio (IG @ericformanstudio)

The ABI team’s support has left a major positive impact on me. Their support and guidance was very well balanced because at no point did I feel alone or heavily dependent. In fact, the program helped me feel empowered and confident in my abilities.

Along with enhancing the qualities I posse the ABI team also helped me substantially navigate challenges that I previously found impossible to overcome. I found the team’s guidance on verbal and written communication to be the most helpful.

ABI helped me feel empowered and confident in my abilities. They helped me navigate challenges that were previously impossible.


Social Media / PR Intern | Eric Forman Studio

See some of Prinshu's work here.


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