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ABI Profile: Pia


is a student in Master of Arts with Honors in History of Art at The University of Edinburgh. Pia then interned with BBA Gallery in Berlin in the Summer of 2021.

Pia at Deutsche Kinemathek, a museum of film archive in Berlin, Germany.

My internship was with BBA Gallery. BBA works with ‘emerging’ and ‘mid-career’ artists. That is why some of the most important events for the gallery are their Artist and Photography Prizes — international open calls that welcome everyone, regardless of race, gender or educational background.

At the Fine Art Service for mounting and installing the artworks

A lot of my time at BBA revolved around those two events, whether when mounting an installation or communicating with artists. Being given the opportunity to help curate an exhibition, which included assisting with the production and the framing of the work, writing the exhibition text and positioning the work in the gallery, was definitely the most exciting part of my internship.

Pia and the BBA team at the Artist Prize Exhibition

The impact of having helped curate an exhibition in such an international city as Berlin will hopefully set my CV apart. I am also glad that my experience at BBA was multi-faceted as the ability to multi-task is extremely valued by today’s employers.

Having also worked at a gallery in Estonia, I am glad that I now have a moment of comparison which has helped me understand the direction I want to take in my future endeavors.

Dinner with a breathtaking view

I applied to ArtBound Initiative in the hope of acquiring international experience which I have now achieved. During my time with ABI, I was most thankful for their assistance in optimizing my CV.

I hope that this experience will help me break the curse that many young people nowadays face — the hardship of having both a degree and a related work experience.

I now have experience in multiple countries and am on my way to receiving my university degree. I hope that after graduating, my future search for employment will be facilitated by the network that ABI has provided me with.

Pia Pajus Gallery Assistant Intern | BBA Gallery


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ArtBound Initiative connects students and recent graduates with key players in the creative industry in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney & Hong Kong. The program includes: guaranteed internship placement, one-on-one coaching, travel support (housing, visa & insurance), and events.

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