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Matthew's Story: Editorial Internship in Sydney


is a Media and Communication student from The University of Sydney. Matt did an internship at Vice Australia in early 2021.

"For 2 days a week during a 3 month period, I did a remote internship at Vice. This meant that, on the days that I was working there, all my communication with my supervisor was done via email, and I could complete my tasks anywhere .

Vice is a publication that works with various forms of online media, and the tasks that I was given reflected this. Research tasks were the most common assignments, and would usually involve finding people who fit a certain description or are related to a certain topic for Vice to interview (e.g. People who have been impacted by the Asia-Pacific drug trade)."

"Other days, I was asked to transcribe interviews conducted by my supervisor or other Vice editors - one of these instances was for my supervisor’s podcast, Extremes. Lastly, I would spend some work days working on my own articles. This would usually involve transcribing my own interviews, editing down the transcription and turning it into a profile piece or a Q&A article."

Different podcast series produced by Vice

"Having several articles published by Vice will look fantastic in my portfolio. Not only will it showcase that my writing has been accepted by a major publication, but it will also demonstrate that I'm well equipped to write about a variety of topics.

I've also honed a lot of skills during my internship that will make me a more valuable employee in the future, such as my ability to follow leads thoroughly and the efficiency of my transcribing end editing."

One of Vice visual studio projects, Trixie and Katya show

"ArtBound Initiative has helped me become much more confident in both my career trajectory and in myself as an employable individual. The sessions I had with the CEO before my internship were so invaluable and helped me utilize my past work in building a succinct portfolio and resume and sculpting an online, career-focused presence.

They also more than sufficiently prepared me for my internship at Vice by ensuring I knew how to establish a good working relationship with my employers and complete tasks to the best of my ability."

ABI has helped me become much more confident in both my career trajectory and in myself as an employable individual.


Editorial / Publication Intern | VICE

See some of Matthew's work here.


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ArtBound Initiative connects students and recent graduates with key players in the creative industry in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. The program includes: guaranteed internship placement, one-on-one coaching, travel support (housing, visa & insurance), and events.

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