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ABI Profile: Leo


is a VFX artist based in Melbourne who holds a Bachelor of Film & Television from Swinburne University of Technology. He completed his internship at Chimney Group, an independent content creation company in New York.

"I was placed in a visual effects company called Chinmey Group in New York. Chimney does work for film, TV and commercials. I was lucky enough to be on their visual effects team where I would use the software Nuke to do compositing work."

"My job mostly involved clean up, roto, screen replacement but occasionally I would be assigned a more design oriented job. The clients I did work for where well known and it feels great to have some of my work out in the world. In the airport on the way home I managed to catch a glimpse of a shot I had worked on in a commercial which was a surreal feeling."

"This internship is my first piece of industry experience so it will be invaluable to the rest of my career and will forever inform my future jobs. I now have professional level skills in the compositing software and experience working in a creative team with industry practices. I now have contacts in the industry to call on for references when applying to future jobs."

ABI Members Vivian, Aidan, Leo & Dylan

"Without ArtBound's help in housing and job hunting I would have never considered looking for work outside of my home country. They helped me create an appealing resume and did practice interviews to prepare me."

"Once I was in New York I was also able to easily create a group of like minded friends through the ArtBound program. Having ArtBound on my side made the whole experience so easy and I wouldn't have been able to do it without them."

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ArtBound Initiative is a global internship program in the creative industry. We offer internships in art, architecture, design, film, tv, theater, fashion, communication, marketing and more. We offer internships abroad in 6 locations: New York, London, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong. Read more about our internship program at


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