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ABI Profile: Laura

Qinxuan (Laura)

studied Media & Communications at University of Sydney. Laura then landed an internship at Found at Sea as a Video Production Intern. Later, she got hired as a Freelance Video Editor!

I did an internship at Found At Sea, a Sydney based film production company.

It's wonderful to have such a valuable internship experience for my first step into the media and film industry! I did various tasks throughout the days, from general admin to showreel editing, also includes making call sheets and sending EDM, script analysis and so on.

Courtesy of Found at Sea

This internship experience definitely gave me a substantial foundation for my future career. Not only a glimpse of how the entertainment industry looked like, but it also let me get in touch with all the details and fundamental basis of it.

ABI provided me very useful knowledge on creating the perfect resume & portfolio. I am definitely going to use these skills for my future job applications!

Qinxuan (Laura)

Video Production Intern | Found at Sea

See Laura's work here.


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