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ABI Profile: Kiah


holds a BA in Graphic Design from University of Brighton. She did an internship at Freunde von Freunden (FvF) in Spring 2021 in Berlin. Kiah landed a freelance position from this internship and she is currently working as a Social Media Assistant for FvF.

"I was placed at Friends of Friends in Berlin, Germany. They are a creative agency and online magazine that explore creatives and their environment. They also have a design agency called Moresleep."

"My main tasks and responsibilities were finding and creating content for the FvF Instagram account, scheduling posts and community management. As well as creating posts and stories for the Instagram accounts. I also helped out on projects when needed such as video editing or story building for the website."

FvF and Moresleep's office in Berlin

"This internship has allowed me to be in an agency environment and explore different areas to see what I like and don’t like. I also gained a permanent position in the company where I have the opportunity to grow within the agency as well as have a well known agency on my CV. It has also opened the possibility and given me the confidence to work in another country also opening the job market"

Some of Kiah's design work

"ArtBound definitely gave me confidence and training to work in a different job market. They also did the hard work of finding an internship that suited me and what I wanted to learn. The interview training and preparation Artbound provided was so valuable and I will carry that throughout my career."

See some of Kiah's work at

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