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ABI Profile: Jordan


graduated from Earlham College with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Management. Jordan did a virtual Marketing Internship with SWISH STUDIO, an independent branding studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

My internship was very interesting because it wasn’t traditional and that’s due to the fact that I interned remotely during my senior year at Earlham College. A piece of advice that I have for anybody interning remotely for an international company is make sure you understand the time zone, since it will help you a lot in managing your schedule.

Studio Swish is a design studio that focuses on the branding and logo identity of businesses. They are storytellers who are also detail-oriented and provide high quality results. My main tasks and responsibilities were to be a marketing consultant and that required me to create spreadsheets of potential clients that needed branding or rebranding and reach out to them.

Courtesy of Swish Studio

I am glad I did my internship the way I did it because it helped me grow tremendously in my confidence and patience. I interned for an amazing company and learned a lot from Elie himself. This internship experience is a success in my book.

This internship will impact my career positively because it taught some ground level basic of business that I didn't realize were as important as they really are. It showed me my strengths and weaknesses as well as my willingness to learn and accept the most difficult challenges. I’m grateful for my internship at Studio Swish.

Courtesy of Swish Studio ArtBound Initiative helped me the most because they helped build my confidence and gave me insights on how important preparation is going into any industry and specifically applying for internships and jobs. Going through those different levels, taking it step-by-step mentally prepared me for what was/is to come.

The team who are constantly keeping my best interest in mind and always are checking in to make sure that I’m doing okay, they are those two truly embody what ABI is really about.

ABI not only helps individuals get ready in their professional life, but also invites you into a community of very talented creatives who are also eager to help, care, and most importantly love one another.

Jordan Marketing Intern | Studio Swish


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ArtBound Initiative connects students and recent graduates with key players in the creative industry in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. The program includes: guaranteed internship placement, one-on-one coaching, travel support (housing, visa & insurance), and events.

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