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ABI Profile: Jayce


studied at Ringling College of Art & Design majoring in Visual Studies. Jayce then landed an internship at Apostle Digital as a Concept Artist Intern.

The company I interned for is a production company, Apostle Digital, where I worked directly under

the Director & DOP of the company, Tim Nagle. Being a smaller company I felt much more comfortable

and it also felt more passionate. It was an easier way for me to experience this kind of work without going headfirst into a busy bustling company of 100+ employees.

In other words, taking baby-steps into the industry of film-making for a newcomer like myself. I was offered to do visual development work. From that point onwards I was a concept artist for the projects we worked on.

My main tasks were background characters, costumes, armor, character designs, etc. I focused more on the adversaries, soldiers, armor designs and such. Along with that I offered more fleshed out ideas and details to these more minor characters to help build the show’s world even more.

This internship greatly expanded my networking due to the connections I made within the company, and within ArtBound as well. Apostle also expressed how they want to keep in contact and hope to work with me again in the future. This alone was a huge honor to hear and will definitely improve my career path. But just hearing that I was able to provide more than what was expected is what I intend to strive for in my career, and what impacted me the most in this experience. I want give more than what people will initially expect, so that the end product is a one in a lifetime experience.

I learned so much in such a short amount of time, and I never felt rushed, overwhelmed, or stressed. The ArtBound staff also showed genuine care and interest in not only my well-being during each lesson, but also kept great communication in case I needed any assistance.


Concept Artist Intern | Apostle Digital

See Jayce's work here.


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