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ABI Profile: Jason


is an Industrial Design and Information Technology student from Monash University, Australia. He did an internship at Huset in Melbourne in early 2021.

"I did an internship at Huset furniture in Melbourne with my role as a 3D product visualizer. My responsibilities includes modelling and rendering their products using 3D software to create images for their website."

Headquartered in Cheltenham, Victoria, Huset is Melbourne’s leading supplier of fine European designed furniture. Every piece of furniture in their collection is handcrafted by artisan furniture builders to very strict quality standards.

"This internship has been a great learning experience as a professional. It has taught me essential skills such as working with a client and really just experiencing how it is working in the creative industry. I was also able to work on my technical skills such as modelling and rendering, which are both skills used in design. Furthermore, I was also able to feature the work I have done in my portfolio!"

"This has been a great stepping stone in my career and it has brought me one step closer to finding a career path in the industry."

Huset's project for Kempinski Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia

"The Artbound Initiative team has guided me in every step of the way, from identifying what kind of internship you want, portfolio review and preparing for your interviews. This not only puts you in the right frame of mind but also makes sure you are in the best position possible when going for that dream job."

"ABI not only helps you find an internship but is also a network of creatives that can be highly beneficial for you in your career."

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