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ABI Profile: Jake


is an Animation student from the University of Technology Sydney. Jake completed his internships with Apostle Digital and Akromat in Sydney in the Summer of 2020.

"Apostle digital is a video production company that serve as a producer of commercial content, and a post-production house for narrative projects. While working at Apostle Digital as a 3D generalist, I handled the broad spectrum of texturing, 3D animation, lighting, and compositing 3D renders for a commercial and narrative project, and proposed conceptual ideas and potential workflows for certain projects that I definitely can’t talk about."

Apostle Digital is a video production company based in Sydney

"Akromat is a boutique visual effects studio, where I worked as a generalist for a wide variety of niche 3D and compositing roles, including modelling, 3D animation, as well as building systems for compositing and animation inside After Effects."

Akromat has work in different projects, including Netflix : The Unlisted series

"In both studios, I have already learned an immense amount of valuable lessons about functioning within a professional environment, and have made connections with people who have provided me with invaluable advice. I have no doubt that these internships have laid the groundwork for my future career."

One of Jake's work, a looping environment render created with Unreal Engine and After Effects

"The first step into the industry is often the most daunting and the most difficult, and trying to get your voice heard to studios when you have no experience yet seems impossible at times. ArtBound essentially flipped this dynamic, so companies were contacting me, and trained me to respond appropriately. This turned an incredibly daunting process into something that could be manageable and even fun, and I was able to do my best work because of that."

Jake during an outing with other ABI Members

See some of Jake's work at

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