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ABI Profile: Jahaira


is a recent grad from The New School, where she was majoring in Media Studies. Jahaira is the recipient of the Creative Diversity Scholarship for Spring 2021 and she did an internship at Cadence in New York.

"I was a production assistant intern for Cadence Films | Images. They are a production company located in NYC that mainly deals with commercials with high end brands."

"My main tasks were to assist both the film production and photography side when needed. My daily tasks are to schedule calls and zoom meetings between producers and clients (present and up and coming), update man webpage and social media with new works from our clients and assist in archival of work in both departments."

Some of Jahaira's work for Cadence

"Every day was different, so daily tasks can change in an instant. Due to that there was an equal part of creativity and clerical work needed which is great to learn how to balance and multitask on different projects."

"The internship will impact my career in furthering my knowledge of this industry. Understanding both preproduction and marketing the newest projects to come from their clients takes tremendous work and I have found out that I do enjoy all aspects of the industry."

Cadence has worked with major fashion brands for their campaigns

"The internship has shown me where I would like to be career wise and where I would like my path to go and what it takes to get there"

"ArtBound has helped me with pinpointing my talents and what I can do with them in my future career. From the one-on-one coaching and networking opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten the experience needed to further myself in this field."

Instagram Story created by Jahaira for Jimmy Choo campaign by Cadence

"I am beyond grateful for all that has happened because of getting this opportunity with ArtBound. I know I have always wanted to be a part of this industry and because of ABI, I can use my passion and the experience I have now to go forth in my career with confidence that I am a qualified candidate for any job I apply for."

See some of Jahaira's work at

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