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ABI Profile: Georgia


is a student from University of South Wales, where she is majoring in TV and Film Set Design. Georgia did an internship with Marco Barotti in Berlin in the Summer of 2021.

"My internship was placed with sculpture artist, Marco Barotti. His work involves interactive kinetic sculptures that are used to raise awareness about human consumption and then the effects this has on our planet."

"My day to day tasks would consist of acting as his personal assistant, assisting in email correspondence, organizing travel and accommodation arrangements for abroad visits, helping to build the sculptures ready for exhibitions and assisting in concept design for new projects."

Marco Barotti's projects

"I think that firstly being able to say that I have gone and lived abroad working with a renowned artist will set myself apart from a lot of other people. Living abroad and adjusting to a new city so quickly as well as taking on a huge work load has been beneficial in gaining confidence and has improved my time management and organization for the better."

"It has also taught me a lot about how I want to start off my career, the type of environment I would like to work in and the lengths and hard work you have to put in to your work in order to achieve your end goals."

"The Pulse of London" by Marco Barotti

"Through the coaching sessions with ABI, it taught me a lot about the type of design field that I want to enter. I now know where to start looking for jobs and the type of companies that can offer me that role. It also wouldn’t have been at all possible for me to have found my internship at such short notice if it wasn’t for ABI!"

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