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ABI Profile: Fertashiya


is an Architecture Design student from Queensland University of Technology. She did a remote internship at EcoSphere in early 2021.

"My internship has been a remote opportunity with EcoSphere Architects, located in Melbourne, Australia. The company focuses on multiple projects ranging from multi-residential to Commercial scale and pays particular attention towards sustainability and works in accordance with the Paris agreement."

"My role in the firm is as a 3D visualizer and during my internship, I have worked on several different projects. My role has been to complete renderings and complete 3D modeling from the 2D engineer files."

One of Tash's school project at QUT

"Prior to my internship commenced, my understanding was my main learning would be around real life sustainable architecture examples and environmentally friendly design techniques. However due to my further involvement in projects, I was able to learn more about rendering and software usage through this opportunity."

"As being the only interstate intern, I got to collaborate with other interns from Melbourne and divide workload to ensure we were meeting deadlines, and that everyone was at the same stage of the project. As one of the projects was a social housing project, I was also able to focus on interior design and interior renderings. It was not something I expected to gain experience in during the internship but I was able to."

One of Tash's work, "Pomona Community Node"

"As this was my first industry experience in Architecture, I was able to learn how to work professionally with architects and take on feedback. Another major learning point for me during this internship was where I was able to put in the initiative to include my design ideas and pitch them to the director which ended up being in the final projects, it was not only a huge achievement but also a learning point as it taught me how to pitch my ideas and not be afraid to be creative even if I am at the start of my career."

"ArtBound Initiative not only helped me find an internship and work experience. I got overall help in improving my resume, learning tips and skills for interviews, completing mock interviews, and having multiple meetings to discuss and understand my goals and discovering a pathway that would help me progress in my career. Throughout the internship period I felt truly supported and if at any point I felt overwhelmed I was able to have a meeting with ABI and simply discuss my concerns and how to overcome them."

"I have not only learnt a lot but have now become a part of a huge network and have made new connections in Australia and even overseas. This is not only for my internship but also in the future for traveling and increasing my work experience."

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