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ABI Profile: Farrah


is a recent graduate from SAE Creative Media Institute where she was majoring in Graphic Design. She did an internship at Persuaders in Sydney in the Fall 2020.

"My Internship at persuaders In Wynyard Sydney was quite unique from the others I took on beforehand, they focused initially on pulling design out of the box and finding new ways to enhance its appeal to persuade our clients. The main tasks I was given were storyboarding according to written information and illustrating animatic frames to assist."

"Being in a creative agency that focused on strategic and ideal methods to help clients successfully meet their mark, I was educated in how vital art is to balance out the information, in order to reach out to current clients and new ones."

"I was able to feel in place with my co-workers and other intern when it came to the work process and I caught up rather quick once my tasks were given. I was excited to meet the other members and their journeys whenever possible. It was hands on and fun."

Persuaders' work in branding and animation for Revuefinda

"To be under a head designer ideally differentiates my experience of being a freelancer and designer intern. This internship widens my expertise upon how I can make my own process productive and efficient for any future job experience. Examples include scheduled timing, perspective simple designs and notable characterization."

Persuaders has done great projects with different brands and governmental organizations

"Compared to other internships I have taken, interning at Persuaders helped in developing my confidence within the work field. From asking questions to taking on further tasks whenever I had a free section to fill."

"Following the head designer’s example, allowed me to focus on heightening my strengths and being aware of the weakness’ holding me back as a designer. Thus, settling on what brought out my best as a designer."

Persuaders helped ANZ to spread awareness during International Women’s Day by designing their infographics

"Artbound Initiative's coaching and tips for matching criteria and resume discussion really assisted in visualizing where I stand. They were clear about what I would be the most suitable and passionate for doing as a career and provided reassurance there was no need to tackle everything headfirst. It pulled me through to realizing the job I wanted to aim for and the goals it took to succeed there."

See some of Farrah's work at

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