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ABI Profile: Drew


is a recent graduate from Auckland University of Technology where she was majoring in Business and International Hospitality and Management. She did an internship in the Spring of 2021 in New York at Reflexgroup.

My internship was with Reflexgroup, a creative agency working with luxury beauty and skincare clients. I had an interesting internship as I worked with both the creative and business (Creative Strategist) side of Reflexgroup.

My daily tasks for Design Internship was concept creation, team regroups about ideas, pitching ideas and then designing/rendering the picked ideas.

For my Creative Strategist role, I would create benchmarks of brand’s competitors looking at their latest campaigns and social media activities. I would also create a trend report of anything released by beauty and skincare brands like social media campaigns, new product launches, influencer marketing. I’d also help produce the final concept by contacting vendors and help source products.

Drew during an outing in New York

As this creative agency works with luxury brands, I worked on YSL, Tory Burch, Hublot and Dolce Gabbana, to name a few. Working at Reflexgroup with luxury clients helped me gain confidence in my own creativity and gain understanding and experience on how the luxury beauty and skincare works.

If it weren't for ABI, I wouldn't be interning in my dream city nor would I have had the chance to forge lifelong friendships. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have experienced both living and working in the vibrant city of New York!


Creative Strategist Intern | Reflexgroup


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