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ABI Profile: Cameron


holds a bachelor of Music in Music Technology with a minor in Web Programming & Applications from New York University. Cameron did an internship with One Thousand Birds in New York in Fall 2020.

"In the Fall of 2020, I had an amazing opportunity to intern at One Thousand Birds, an audio design studio in New York. Through the internship, I was given the responsibility to edit, mix, master and sound design - essentially the the art of carefully crafted sounds in each scene and frame."

"Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has greatly impacted the live event and music industry. Although there are limited live event internship available, I have decided that it is also very important to develop a wide range of skillsets that can benefit my career goal of being a live sound engineer. This internship provided a lot of valuable industry knowledge and gave me the chance to learn how to effectively mix and master tracks."

One Thousand Birds has worked with FKA Twigs for her song ‘Sad Day’

"I am also able to connect with industry professionals and communicate my creative ideas with them. Interning at One Thousand Birds was an inspiring experience that I am incredibly grateful for!"

One Thousand Birds' Office in SOHO, New York

"ArtBound Initiative was able to guide me through the process of creating connections within the art and music industry. I had the opportunity to connect with industry recruiters and to understand industry trends and needs."

Cameron during an ABI outing in New York

"I am also very thankful for the interview preparation that ABI offers. After a couple of mock interviews, I developed a lot of social and communication skills, like pitching myself and explaining my projects to other professionals."

See some of Cameron's work at

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