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ABI Profile: Brian


graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design from California College of the Arts in 2021.

Brian then landed an internship at the NFT Company, StylexChange in Berlin!

StyleXchange is a NFT fashion company based in Berlin, Germany. They're a company that basically collaborates with digital fashion artists on the internet and turns their work into NFTs that could be sold in different metaverses using cryptocurrencies.

My job as a remote 3D designer intern was to create those NFT assets that'll ultimately be sold to people who desire to use them in metaverses such as Decentraland and Sandbox. I also assist my team by creating renders and animations that will be used for marketing purposes. Not only do I create fashionable wearables, but I also made characters and background objects for said metaverses, much like a video game.

Courtesy: Instagram

Prior to this internship, I did not understand NFT at all. I had to learn how to do everything related to NFT from scratch. But I found what I was good at during my time there and understood my worth.

I had widened my vision and skills outside of industrial design, allowing myself to work in different industries with the skills I acquired. In conclusion, I got more choices in how to break into the industry now.

ABI had been really helpful for me this whole time. They had searched for opportunities for me all year long. Over the entire year I had partnered with them, they used their connections and found me multiple interview chances. This is something that I cannot do by myself. They also prepared me well with the coaching process and the multiple meetings.

I don't think I could have written a better resume or responded to interviews in such professional matters if it was not for them. If I were to master interviewing skills myself with just trial and error, it would've taken me years to do so. That's why I'm blessed I had the ABI team alongside myself. My life would've been so much different if they did not show up during the career fair that was held in my college a year ago.

ABI helped me find the best internship and network. I am very blessed and grateful to have found and partner with ABI.


3D Design Intern | StylexChange

See Brian's work here.


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