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ABI Profile: Ben


holds a BA in Animation and Design from University of Technology Sydney. Benjamin did an internship at Ignition Immersive in Melbourne in the Summer of 2020. Ben landed a full time opportunity with Ignition Immersive after he finished the internship in early 2021.

"My internship took place at ignition immersive, an immersive media studio specializing in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality content creation, production and app development.

My main tasks and responsibilities was to assist the Lead 3D Artist in projects with modeling, animating, conceptualizing, texturing and implementing assets in game engines."

One of Ben's 3D modeling work

Ben is now working full-time at Ignition Immersive as a 3D Artist. His day-to-day tasks including modeling assets for real-time engines for Unity/Unreal and animating, conceptualizing and texturing designs for interactive VR/AR platforms.

"The internship impacted my career through learning another form of the 3D pipeline, app creation. I have learnt 3D for film, TV, games and now - VR/AR applications for media platforms."

"Medusa Statue" project created by Ben to showcase how it could feature in a production setting

"ArtBound Initiative helped me the most by expanding my view on what a 3D Artist career could be. Not knowing about VR/AR companies and just how involved a 3D artist can be was most surprising and completing them was most rewarding."

See some of Ben's work at

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