ABI Profile: Audrey


attended University of Utah from 2019-2020, then now she is enrolled at Ringling College of Art & Design majoring in Motion Design. She then interned in New York at Reflexgroup in the Spring of 2021.

"I was placed at Reflexgroup, a marketing and advertising agency in New York City. My main tasks at Reflexgroup were creating Reflexgroup company’s reel, rendering product’s gift boxes for influencers and for the general public, rendering launch events and pop-up events for new products, icon design, animating Reflexgroup’s logo and client drawings, and creating posts for their social media. My main responsibility was to finish any new project introduced at the beginning of the week by Friday so our creative director could present our designs to their clients."

"By creating a connection with Reflexgroup allows me the opportunity to receive future work from Reflexgroup if they need someone to render or create a 3D model of products for their clients."

"The internship also gained me connections to the marketing industry. Receiving this internship will help me achieve my goal of working for other companies such as Lucasfilm as an intern by having internship experience already."

Audrey with the pretty New York skyline

Times Square, New York City, USA

"ArtBound Initiative helped me the most by pushing me to create a beautifully designed website. As well as having prepared interview questions for me so I could create my own answers to interview questions and have my own time to practice these questions."

See some of Audrey's work at avdreynixx.com

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