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ABI Profile: Ari


graduated from Paris College of Art, where they were majoring in Fine Arts. Ari did an internship with duo artist Jeschkelanger in Berlin in the Summer of 2021.

"I worked for Jeschkelanger (Marie Jeschke and Anja Langer), a women artist duo in Berlin, Germany. Their work centers around local recycled glass, sustainability, and feminism; they also have a subdivision to their work called BASIS RHO, where they create functional art pieces for living spaces."

"My main tasks were to upkeep the studio and workshop spaces, keep proper inventory of glass pieces as well as the documentation of them, create grids and plans, and work on social media, but from time to time I would have day or week specific tasks depending on their current project."

Ari visiting Jela's Stone Manufacturer as part of a work day

"This internship has allowed me to see doors in my career path that I thought were not possible or only be reached in the long future. I was able to become more experienced in how to work with clients in custom pieces without letting go of the artist's hand, as well as get an overview of the steps from beginning to finish in an art piece from sketches to placing it in its new home."

"I feel more confident in my career path as both a fine artist and practicing tattoo artist as I learned there is no one “correct” way to be an artist."

Ari with fellow ABI Member, Jack, during an outing in Berlin

"I am very thankful for ArtBound Initiative to help me get my first steps in the professional world right out of college, as well as having me paired up with an excellent match as Marie and Anja were fantastic mentors. I will most definitely cherish this opportunity even with the years to come."

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