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ABI Profile: Andrew


is a student at RMIT University with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications Advertising. Andrew got an internship at Apostle Digital, a digital and production agency based in Sydney.

Andrew (second to far right) and the ABI Melbourne crew at an event in Milkman Agency

I was placed at a creative agency located in Sydney called Apostle Digital. I originally live in Melbourne and had a part-time job going on, I was incredibly fortunate that Apostle Digital was very flexible with me completing the internship remotely from Melbourne. I worked with another intern and Director Tim Nagle as part of the agency’s first steps into the world of NFTs.

There we created an Instagram account , 2 Twitter accounts and 3 Discords all starting from 0 followers and growing to over 3000 followers by the end of my internship. My role was to come up with ideas to increase followers and engagement within our social media channels.

Andrew and the ABI Melbourne crew at Melbourne Night Market

When it comes to managing social media accounts, most internships are centered around brands that already have a formula and a brand identity. What made my placement at Apostle Digital incredibly rewarding and unique was that I was part of a team that was creating a new brand identity from scratch.

My internship was highly hands on despite the fact I was doing it remotely. I was in constant communication with the team in Sydney and still able to contribute ideas within various meetings.

I came into the internship with a very limited knowledge of NFT’s a space that was and still is on the rise among brands today. During my internship we discussed current case study’s of brands that were launching NFT’s and looked at ways we could incorporate the best ideas from these examples into what we were creating.

Courtesy of Apostle Digital

Going into my final year studying I was worried that I wouldn’t have any relevant experience. Finding an internship that was right for me was challenging and having that taken care of by the talented team at ArtBound Initiative were incredible.

I found the ABI to be so friendly and professional with their feedback and advice to me. Whenever I had a question, I was always able to get answers.

Andrew Intern | Apostle Digital


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