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Is a Residency Right for You?

Stepping away from your usual environment can be conducive to the creative process. A residency allows artists and creative individuals to do just that.


Residencies are an under-utilized opportunity for all creatives, beyond just the traditional definition of an artist. Many designers, photographers, filmmakers, writers etc. complete residency programs too. Residency programs exist to invite creatives to reside within the premises of an institution or organization to produce work for an extended period of time.


Find a residency program that is right for you! There are many residencies of all sizes across the globe. They will feel different and your experience can vary based on which one you chose.

  • Do your research and make sure you know what to expect!

  • Figure out the deadlines:​

  • Applications to residency programs are typically due 7 months prior to placement

  • Be sure to work on your portfolio

  • Do this while you are researching and applying

  • Pick images that represent your best work.

  • Think about picking the ones that work best for a certain program


A general application to a residency may looklike:

  1. A proposal about your work

  • Why are you applying to this residencyArtist statement

  1. Your artist portfolio

  • ​Choose a good variety of your best work

  • ​Make sure your images are good-quality

  1. CV/Resume

  2. Potential application questions and/or essays


There are large databases of residencies readily available! Many of them give you options to sort by deadline, duration, location, and discipline. These include:


Residencies are available to artist seeking a retreat to create. They are founded on the belief that at some point during an artist’s career she or he may have neither the desired space nor required time to create.

- Alexa Scull, ArtBound Initiative Team

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