ABI Profile: Yula


holds a BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute. She did an internship at Superunion in New York in Summer 2020.

Superunion is an agency focusing in brand strategy, identity, brand engagement, reputation and brand management. They have offices in major cities around the world, such as London, Berlin, New York, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and many more!

"I was interning with Superunion this summer in New York. I helped with various branding and visual identity client pitches, also supported my mentor with motion graphics and website wireframe development. This internship practiced my skills and also exposed me to bigger career opportunities that I would never think of before."

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Superunion's projects for world-known brands

"ABI helped me through my job search process and continued to support me whenever I needed the most throughout the internship. It helped me to grow and become more confident as a young professional."

Yula's works

See Yula's work at yulaye.com

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