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ABI Profile: Mai


is a VFX artist who holds her BA in Animation from the University of Swinburne. She did an internship at Chimney Group in New York in Spring 2020.

"I completed my internship at Chimney Group NYC, which is an independent content company. They specialize in many things such as production, entertainment, advertising etc. I was placed with the visual effects team and my main role was to complete various VFX shots for an upcoming television series."

Chimney Group office in New York

"This internship has really elevated me to a level where I feel skilled enough to join the industry. It has given me a competitive edge and taught me so many skills that a university degree could not have managed. I was able to learn tips and tricks directly from talented artists working in the industry. I think that this program is an amazing way to kickstart a career and am so excited for the future."

Mai with fellow ABI members

"ABI not only helped me find an internship that was personalised to suit my career goals but also one that was really hands on. They also supported me throughout the entire journey of the internship, from the initial application all the way to returning home and made sure that I never felt overwhelmed or alone in the process."

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