ABI Profile: Katie


is a photographer who focuses her work in digital marketing. She is studying International Relations with a minor in Art and Design from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She has since completed her summer internship at DTE Studio, a creative agency in New York.

"I worked at a creative agency called DTE Studio, which creates content across multiple platforms such as digital, film, print, product, and brand design. In addition, DTE has an editorial magazine that serves as a platform to bring artists together to collaborate on creative work."

ABI Members Sally, Katie, Rhiannon, Natasja & Friends

"I was a studio/ productions intern and did in-studio shoots for digital content, content creation for social media, research for Masthead, and day to day tasks such as mailing packages to artists that Masthead collaborated with."

"I think that this internship has set me up with professional photography experience, an understanding of day to day professional office behavior, industry knowledge, and an understanding of how professional connections are made."

Photography of ABI Member Natasja by Katie

"In addition to finding me an internship that aligns with my career interests, ArtBound set me up with a network of creative individuals with which I was able to explore new places, work on personal creative projects, and feel a sense of community while living in NYC."

See some of Katie's photography at www.instagram.com/katiecorbett0/

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