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3 Tips for a Killer Resume

Resumes are the first impression an employer gets. Ultimately, your resume can make or break getting an interview. Use these tips to make your resume stand out!


Your resume should paint a portrait of who you are. It should highlight your achievements, experiences and what you hope to accomplish professionally. Think of your resume as a tool to market your individual brand to an employer. Be creative with it. Use the design layout of your resume to show off your skills and personality.

We recommend resume templates for creative professionals on:


Resumes are meant to be short and sweet, no longer than one page. You must be able to hook your employer by telling them a narrative using your experience and skills. We suggest this format:

  • Header - Include a professional email, current phone number, city, state, website or LinkedIn profile (Checklist format).

  • One-line professional statement that sums up your skills, interests and career goals.

  • Work experience - Limit this to 2-3 jobs/internships that pertain to the position you're seeking.

  • Education - Include your university, major, minor and any accolades

  • Skills - This can be anything from Adobe Software to soft skills, but be sure to keep it concise.


Making a killer resume means using rockstar language. Use words and verbs that make your professional experience unique and proactive to imply initiative and skill.

Turn a sentence like this:

Responsible for creating and scheduling social media content.

Into this:

Creating content and maintaining a schedule for all social media platforms.

Some proactive verbs to use are:

  • developed

  • assisted

  • coordinated

  • supervised

  • orchestrated

  • modernized

  • executed

  • designed

  • maintained


Make sure your resume is easy to read. Tailor is to the position you are applying for. Use these tips to make sure your resume stands out!

- Alexa Scull, ArtBound Initiative Team

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