ABI Profile: Adam


is currently studying Animation at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. He recently completed his internship at Chimney Group in New York.

"My internship was at Chimney Group in New York City. The company specializes in visual effects and post-production for feature films and commercials. As an aspiring visual effects artist, I was fortunate to be placed on the visual effects team."

Chimney Group Office Space in Midtown Manhattan

"I helped the team composite a number of shots for an upcoming zombie-comedy film, as well as worked on commercials for various high-profile clients. This work involved keying out blue screens, grading and colour-matching footage, cleaning up shots, and more."

"My internship has given me an incredible amount of industry experience with visual effects. Not only have I further developed my skills as a visual effects compositor, but I have also learned how to work with other artists in a team while meeting strict deadlines. I have secured many professional connections in a global industry that will help me gain employment anywhere in the world."

ABI Members Madeleine, Adam and Olivia in Bushwick, Brooklyn

"ArtBound went above and beyond to help me land my perfect internship. I received expert advice from experienced artists on how to improve my resume and produce a professional reel. They tailored the internship to my career aspirations and found a workplace that was not only fun, but also hands-on."

ABI Members Adam and Ally at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

See some of Adam's work at https://www.adamwong.net/

Adam's Compositing Reel, 2019.

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