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Meet the Team: Ena

Ena-Meghan Lefeber

is the Program Advisor at ArtBound Initiative

"My own experience as a Intern—now alumnus—of ArtBound Initiative drew me into wanting to work for ABI. They were extremely supportive, well connected, and knowledgeable of what is going on in the creative industry, not just at their locations but on a global level."

ABI Members Amanda and Ena at a fashion event

"I find I am constantly learning something new about the art world or about a different interests in the art world that I wouldn’t have know before. Berlin is a place to find yourself as an artist and immerse yourself in a growing art-world. Knowing this, and conversing with the students, really helps in advising them based off their lifestyle and their end goal of which city would be best for them."

ABI Members Shadi, Amanda and Ena in Berlin

"I see ABI as a big part of my future, as the program we offer is exactly what I want to be doing in the creative industry—assisting the next generation of creatives with launching their career in order to thrive in this dynamic industry."

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