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Meet the Team: Laura

Laura Bennegadi

is the Co-founder and CEO of ArtBound Initiative

"ArtBound Initiative is a program I wished existed when I first came to New York City from Paris in 2011 with no job, long term visa, and connections in the field. All you need is someone to open the door for you, especially in the creative industry."

"I am proud of helping other emerging professionals to start international careers in art, design, film, and other creative fields. Seeing our participants getting hired by the company they interned for or getting great work opportunities right after that internship is the most rewarding part of my job."

"My hope for ArtBound Initiative is that we continue to expand in other creative hubs such as London, Paris, Shanghai, and Melbourne. I am also excited to see our network of participants and alumni grow. Soon enough, they will be key players in their own industries and we will have built a community of creative leaders on a global scale."

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