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ABI Profile: Amanda


graduated from Columbia University in New York. In the Summer of 2018, Amanda interned with the Belrin-based artist Aura Rosenberg.

"I really enjoyed getting to know Aura Rosenberg, who is an artist with a lot more experience and just getting an intimate view of how another artist works. The main thing I took away was how to take more into consideration the process and thoughtfulness behind an artistic project."

Aura Rosenberg, Head Shots: Mike Kelley, Martos Gallery, solo booth at Frieze Art Fair, New York in 2017

"I formed a good relationship with Aura, and I can see her being a good connection and friend in the future. From working together all summer, I feel like she also got the sense that I had a deep understanding of her work and way of creation."

ABI members Shadi, Amanda and Ena.

ABI members Ena and Amanda at a fashion event.

ABI helped me the most by connecting me to the artist and taking care of the visa and other logistics. Making it easy to find the opportunity was what made everything possible in the first place.


Studio Arts Intern | Aura Rosenberg

See more of Amanda's work here.


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