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ABI Alumni Updates

ArtBound Initiative is proud to announce that Hannah has been hired by Scope Art International Fair after completing her internship.


is a recent Media, Culture, and the Arts graduate from The King's College NYC. She recently interned at Scope Art International Fair working as their VIP Coordinator. Hannah just got offered a full time position to continue her work there!

Hannah has taken over the role of VIP Associate for all SCOPE art fairs. She also runs SCOPE's social media accounts and assists the Director of Exhibitor relations. “I am so excited to be going to Basel during Art Basel with Scope! It’s such a wonderful opportunity, and I’m lucky I get to experience it at such a young age."

"Thanks to ArtBound Initiative, I added connections to my network that I could never dream of having at age 22."

Read more about SCOPE International Art Fair on

Intern in New York City through the ArtBound Initiative program. Internships available in New York City: gallery internships, art foundation internships, fashion internships, creative agency internships (both design and communication/marketing), theater internships, film internships, architecture internships, public relation internships, and more.

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