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ABI Alumni Updates

ArtBound Initiative is proud to announce that Paul has been hired by Reflexgroup after completing his internship.


has just completed his M.A. in Public Relations at IHECS in Brussels, Belgium. He recently participated in the ArtBound Initiative (ABI) program this spring where he interned at Reflexgroup New York. Paul just got offered a full time position as a Digital Strategist!

Founded in 1988, Reflexgroup is a creative agency that specializes in luxury branding. They work with premium brands such as Ralph Lauren, Maybelline, Google, Ferrari, and L'ORÉAL. Reflexgroup has offices in New York, Paris, London, and Shanghai.

Intern in New York City through the ArtBound Initiative program. Internships available in New York City: gallery internships, art foundation internships, fashion internships, creative agency internships (both design and communication/marketing), theater internships, film internships, architecture internships, public relation internships, and more.

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