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ABI Profile: Ena-Meghan Lefeber

Ena-Meghan Lebefer

is currently interning at Bernheimer Contemporary. She has just been offered a position at the gallery upon completion of her internship.

"I intern (and will soon work for) Bernheimer Contemporary. As both an agency and gallery, we hold at least one exhibition a month and our artists are featured in exhibitions outside the gallery at least once a month. We are constantly proposing new ideas to collaborate with other galleries, shows, fairs and businesses (like the upcoming Paper Positions Art Fair in Berlin and Basel)."

"I wear many hats here at the gallery: Graphic Designer, Social Media PR, and Networker. My daily tasks are based on the next event's timeline. I make the digital and print invites for in-house events (such as film screenings and exhibition openings), post on social media during the events, and help the artist set up/tear down."

"After my internship ends next month, I’ve been asked to stay on at the gallery as an assistant and have already made my first three sales during this last exhibition. I believe what I am learning from Bernheimer Contemporary will give me a solid foundation for how various aspects of the art world work. This foundation is giving me the stepping stone straight to success, both here in the gallery and for future companies."

"Not only did ABI find me a great placement but also so, so much more. They helped me get my visa, and then paired me with an amazing partner to get my two year freelance visa. They made the transition seamless with picking me up at airport, taking the time to listen to my needs, and helping me get established here."

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