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Natalia's Story: Virtual Design Internship

This is Natalia!

Natalia, a Communication Design student at Swinburne University, completed two virtual internships in Fall 2021. One internship was with AMEY STUDIO, a modern creative and strategic agency based in Paris. The second internship was with THE STUDIO, a production and animation company located in New York City.

Design Internship

Tell us more about your Design Internship, what was it like to intern for companies in Paris and New York?

I was fortunate enough to get two creative internships through ArtBound. Due to the current circumstances of the world and its ever-changing nature, I was unable to go overseas and was lucky enough to secure virtual positions at two different studios in Paris and New York.

My first internship was with Amey Studio / Amey & Art Associates, a creative and strategic agency. The studio develops communication tools through a unique image and a prescriptive creative direction. We collaborate with high-end companies for editorial projects, while also taking on clientele who work within the luxury industry, which can be anywhere from fashion to architecture.

We create identities by having constant communication with our clients and guiding them through the process of creating a unique and compelling brand image in order to reflect their personal core values, which further relate to the core beliefs and values of the agency itself. Everyone in the team is extremely passionate about the art and quality of luxury we produce, I have no doubt that they strongly align with the values/beliefs of the overall agency.

I’ve worked on a number of design projects ranging from brand identity, signage, stationery, photography, packaging, and publication. I have found my tasks to be quite engaging and I have definitely used certain design programs more than ever before. Through that, I have improved my technical skills a lot, as well as within the programs themselves.

Design Internship

Courtesy of AMEY Studio

My New York internship is with The STUDIO NYC, a creative production, animation, and design company that works with major media companies like Disney, Hulu, MTV, Sesame Street, Comedy Central, and National Geographic, as well as major brands, advertising agencies, and cultural institutions. We worked together for a few weeks, having weekly calls with the client to ensure he was happy with everything. In the end, we were able to create a beautiful brand identity, web and mobile display mockups, and brand guidelines.

I do enjoy directly reporting to my bosses as it allows me to hold myself accountable for all of the responsibilities I am given, especially as we have a variety of luxury and important clientele in both studios who expect a high-quality standard of work.

Design Internship

Courtesy of The STUDIO

How did this experience impact your career?

Working directly with the Creative Director and Founder of both AMEY & The STUDIO NYC, allows me to be independent and directly complete my own briefs/tasks and share its priority with creatives who have been within the industry for a much longer time than myself.

All of the knowledge I have gained during this time will be vital tools for me to bring into future professional experiences, as well as develop professional communication and technical skills within my chosen career as a designer.

Design Internship

How did ABI support you during your experience?

ArtBound has been incredibly supportive throughout this whole experience, providing a large amount of information with regards to building one’s own portfolio and resumé in order to highlight the best aspects of their skills within their chosen career field.

Not only was I guided with ease before and during my internship process, but all access to networking with other individuals within the program - past and present - will always be available. They have built communities of successful and passionate individuals around the world who have easy ways to communicate with one another and form personal and professional relationships through their member platforms.

I would definitely recommend ArtBound to anyone looking for a creative internship, they’re some of the best in the business with communications to some of the best studios and agencies in the world.

Natalia Design Internship | AMEY Studio & The Studio NYC


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