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Marla's Story: Production Internship in Berlin

This is Marla!

After graduating with a degree in Acting from Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Buenos Aires, Marla took the next step by joining the ArtBound Initiative program. She would then secure a production internship at Anorak Films, a prominent production company based in Berlin.

Production Internship

What was your internship experience like?

I did a production internship at ANORAK Film, a film production company based in Berlin, Germany. We repped directors and did a lot of commercial work, with agencies and brands seeking out Anorak specifically due to the vision of the people we work with and the quality we always produce.

My main tasks had to do with arranging travel for talent and crew when shoots would occur in different European countries, making decks of possible directors and locations for pitches, creating reels of work for the website or to better organize casting for upcoming projects, and assisting in mood research for treatments.

Production Internship

In what ways do you believe this internship has influenced your career?

This internship gave me a good understanding of the workflow and kind of projects big-name production companies deal with, which in turn is an excellent experience for similar jobs in my home country.

It’s always good to know how everything comes together to put out the final product, and that is information that I know from both the talent and the production side, which will be useful for my own projects.

Production Internship

How did ABI support you?

ArtBound Initiative did what they set out to do: help you get your foot in the door and be the best version you can be in what is quite possibly your dream job. The connections I made during these three months would have been really difficult to acquire on my own, and their coaching was instrumental in compartmentalizing and presenting myself and my skills as needed to win the job.

Click below to watch some tips Marla shared!

Production Internship


Production Internship | Anorak Films


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ArtBound Initiative is a fee-based global internship program for creatives. We prepare students for their careers through an online coaching curriculum and by helping them secure an internship in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. With an expansive network of leading creative companies, our program provides access to creative industries that are notoriously insular.

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