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Louison's Story: Internship at Creative Arts Organization in New York

This is Louison!

He graduated from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2020 with his Bachelors of Arts in Arts and Visual Studies. Louison would later obtain the opportunity to intern at Creative Times, a prominent public arts non-profit organization.

Intern at New York

Could you give a brief description of your Internship?

My responsibility was to assist the programming team with various production and research duties. I also provided assistance at their most recent event, an audiovisual display in a closed bank.

I interned at Creative Time in NYC. They are a nonprofit art organization based in the Lower East Side. They have been around since the 1970s and started as an engaged art collective to become the public art institution they are today. Now they do 3 to 4 large scale projects a year, varying from exhibitions, to monumental installations and happenings.

Intern at New York

What is a valuable thing you learned during your internship at an Creative Arts Organization?

I had the opportunity to acquire valuable experience in producing impactful art projects with societal significance. My confidence in my abilities and potential has significantly increased as a result.

Additionally, this internship has provided me with a valuable addition to my professional network, as I am now considered a member of the esteemed Creative Time family, according to my team. Overall, I feel that I have experienced significant personal and professional growth during the four-month duration of this internship.

Intern at New York

What did ABI help you with the most?

ArtBound Initiative gave me the tools to prepare for this experience, from finding the right place to intern at, to teaching me how to tune my profile to have the best chances to get the internship. They assisted me with the process during the pandemic which was quite tedious. But it all worked out in the end!

Interning in a city like New York was one of the most enriching experiences of my life and I am not sure if I would have believed in it if I had done on my own.

Artbound Initiative empowered me with the necessary tools, insights, as well as information that secured a transformative internship in New York during the pandemic - an enriching experience I will never forget!


Internship at Creative Time


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