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Essential Film and TV Resources for Students

The Film and TV Industry is extremely known for being competitive, especially for aspiring producers and professionals looking to make it big.

From job boards connecting talents to top companies to cultural sources for creative inspiration, we've compiled a list of 13 film and TV resources that can assist you in building your career or perfecting your skills!

Essential Film/TV Resources


Career or Job Boards

A job board where productions discover and hire the best creative professionals.

A network for opportunities in TV/Film, Digital, Media & Entertainment.

Motion Picture and Television Industry Resources, including a Crew Listing Service.

An international and domestic film & television production job board and network.

A global network of local crew and vendors serving the film and video production industry.

A job board for careers in the video game, animation, VFX, and photography industries.

Find and apply to over 500 casting calls, auditions, and roles on Backstage, the most trusted platform for actors and models.

Essential Film/TV Resources

Production Beast

Professional Development Resources

A cultural, educational, and professional organization that is neither a labor union nor a guild.

An industry-led body that supports talent with apprenticeships, career development programs, and training in film and TV production.

A creative network that also provides courses and webinars curated by industry-specific professionals.

Essential Film and TV Resources

Film Riot

Websites and Cultural Resources

A video tutorial site with a comedic twist. Host Ryan Connolly covers every subject from how to make a music video, to using CGI, and how to cast your film.

A networking platform for TV, Film, and Commercial production professionals.

A non-profit organization for writers and industry professionals that offers a networking platform and provides grants and funds for writers.

Film and TV Resources

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Exploring these essential film and TV resources isn't just about getting better at what you do – it's your ticket to finding cool jobs in TV, movies, commercials, and the media. These tools help you learn and prepare you for a job in these exciting fields.

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