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ABI Profile: Theo


graduated from Champlain College majoring in Filmmaking. Theo did a production internship at two companies, Relix Magazine and Definition 6, both in New York City!

I was placed in New York City at Relix Magazine and Definition6. Relix runs a magazine focusing on jam bands, creates promotional content for past and upcoming events, and manages shows at venues. Definition6 is a marketing agency and do everything from creating PSAs to creating promotional content for major networks such as TLC and HBO.

Production behind the scenes

My tasks everyday were something different as I was an on-call production intern for both of them. Often times I would be operating a camera for a live stream at the Relix studio or helping bring together a shoot for Definition6. My main responsibilities were to give a hand wherever it was needed which ended up giving me a ton of versatile experience!

Through my time in New York I created valuable connections that I can reach out to later in my career to collaborate with. Doing my internship also made me realize more of what I wanted to do within my career and the types of cinemtography I'd like to do. It gave me the experience to realize that I appreciate smaller more intimate sets and what kind of content I like to create.

Click below to watch Theo's reel!

ABI really helped me to find and get the interviews for my internships. They provided me with resources such as job listings, network opportunities, and much more!


Production Intern | Definition 6 & Relix


Read more about ArtBound Initiative New York internships here.

ArtBound Initiative connects students and recent graduates with key players in the creative industry in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. The program includes: guaranteed internship placement, one-on-one coaching, travel support (housing, visa & insurance), and events.

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