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ABI Profile: Olivia


graduated from Curtin University in 2022 with a Bachelor in Graphic Design with a Minor in Advertising & Illustration. Olivia then landed an internship at Wasamedia & Ginger and Smart, which later got hired at Wasamedia full-time as a Designer.

I was lucky enough to do two design internships. One was with Wasamedia, A Sydney based Marketing/PR Agency, and the other was at the fashion brand called Ginger & Smart. I had great learning experiences at both.

For my Wasamedia internship, I was given multiple briefs a day to complete and they were all very diverse. This really aided in developing my problem solving skills and having a really positive ‘give it a go’ mentality. I worked on photo editing, content creation, designing proposals and presentations, and even assisting photoshoots.

Meanwhile, Ginger & Smart was a whole new world for me. I ended up getting to learn about fashion related skills such as: unpicking seams, pressing garments, drawing and cutting patterns, and fashion trends research.

I am very grateful for these internships as they helped me grow both professionally and personally. Wasamedia was such a great opportunity as I got to experience such a diverse range of design work. Due to this opportunity I found that I really enjoyed working in the marketing field and was lucky enough to be hired by Wasamedia full-time after completing my internship. This internship has really accelerated my career trajectory and set me on the right path.

These internships has given me the confidence in my skills that I was lacking before. I learnt that you don’t have to be the best at something, you just have to be willing to keep learning and putting in the effort.

ABI gave me access to opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. From the initial coaching with global industry professionals to the coaching and access to a global network of creatives. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to move across the country without the ABI team's support and guidance. Now, I feel confident and ready for what the future holds.


Design Intern | Wasamedia & Ginger Smart

See Olivia's work here.


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