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ABI Profile: Olivia


graduated from UCLA where she was majoring in English and double minored in Film and Theatre. She did an internship with Jean Doumanian Productions and Abrons Arts Center in the Spring 2021 in New York.

"I had two internships across my 3 months, which I was so grateful to have during the pandemic. I think having remote internships is one of the hardest things a company could facilitate, but I was so lucky to work with such amazing people that made every day a learning opportunity."

"My first internship was at Jean Doumanian Productions (JDP), a theatre/film/TV production company. I did a lot of research, development, and primarily script coverage. I would read new scripts and then summarize them and give JDP my analysis to see if they should go further in discussions of development."

"It was a primarily remote internship, though we had weekly meetings, intern seminars, and I also had the chance to go into the office during one of the days. That day was my favorite day, because I got the chance to really interact with my supervisors, see how they collaborate and bounce ideas off each other, and be surrounded by inspiration (with Jean, my supervisors, and all the amazing decor!)"

Olivia during an outing in NYC

"My other internship was with the Abrons Art Center, which was focused on creating an internal database for past Abrons artists. Abrons Art Center is a progressive performing and visual arts space in the Lower East Side dedicated to mobilizing communities with the power of art. Through its exhibitions, performances, education programs, and residencies, it aims to help improve society and nurture artists."

"I was also part of internal discussions about the strategy to build an alumni network, that will move forward in the coming years. It was an amazing experience to research these previous artists (going back to the 1980s!) and discover more about what Abrons is trying to do now. I would have weekly meetings with my supervisors and we would have wonderful discussions about Abrons and it’s current development, as well as general career advice."

Film and Theatre projects done by JDP

"I was also able to PA an event with Abrons, on site and in person! Abrons was doing a livestream fundraiser and the production company involved (Granite) allowed me to the chance to help with the talent, adjust the set, and assist however I could."

"Both internships were challenging during the pandemic, but amazing ones in the end. I found a reason to come to NYC during a pandemic and left with amazing connections, inspiration to continue pursuing my passion, and a whole lot of COVID-safe (and now vaccinated!) sight-seeing that I will always be grateful for."

"I truly believe that my internships provided me with connections that I will keep through the duration of my career, strategies for actions to get me to my goal, and the best ways to succeed in a new position or job. When I joined ABI, I was at a fork in the road trying to decide the best path to take."

"ABI helped guide me to the career I am currently pursuing (theatre producing) and showed me specific tools to help me retain the momentum I built and how to shift position if I ever decide to alter my path. I left the program having succeeded with all of my goals, and found sustainable techniques to keep growing and developing, both personally and professionally."

"Moving to New York City hoping for a career in theatre (at a time when Broadway was shut down) felt like an impossible feat, but because of ABI, I feel like this was the best learning experience I had during the pandemic. I felt like ABI was always there to help if I needed it, but also there to remind me of the importance of my goals and never forget where I am trying to go."

Olivia with fellow ABI member, Drew and ABI Program Coordinator in New York, Gerardo

"The social aspects of ABI were also amazing - I feel like I truly entered a worldwide family, and feel confident that the friends I have made will be friends for life."

"People talk about the creative industries being all about who you know and getting back up after failure and though I agree with that, there are ways to succeed in a creative career by techniques that apply to all jobs. Strategic research on dream jobs, reaching out to people who have a similar path for advice, navigating your network purposefully, organizing tasks and finding daily ways to work on your goals, and the best ways to be an excellent employee are all skills I developed because of ABI."

"ABI showed me a career in the arts is about more than “talent,” drive, or networking, and by developing these interpersonal skills and techniques, I feel like I am a better artist and a better employee. I look forward to using them in the future and continuing to grow based on what ABI, and New York City, taught me."

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