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ABI Profile: Grace


is a Masters student at Auckland University studying Fine Arts. Grace completed her internship at LOWBROS, an internationally renowned artist duo with one of the most unique aesthetics in Contemporary Street Art.

I completed a virtual internship with The LOWBROS; an artist duo based in Berlin, Germany. They are contemporary street artists known for their distinct style and who primarily work in painting.

I was tasked with creating a set of 3d models they could utilise whenever needed and also with producing several 3d animations. I had to ensure the work I produced reflected the vision they had as accurately as possible. I had to also ensure constant and clear communication so I could help achieve this vision.

Paintings by LowBros

The internship experience has aided me in refining not only my technical skills but also my ability to bring ideas and concepts to life. I also have a deeper understanding of the workflow and communication required in my profession.

Ultimately, completing this internship has made the transition from being a student to a working professional less daunting.

ABI has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of my industry and career prospects. Due to ABI’s thorough coaching process, now I know what to expect from the job application process. This will help and benefit me alot later when looking for full-time jobs.

ABI’s internship program has helped me gain confidence in my own abilities.


3D Modelling & Animation Intern | The LOWBROS


Read more about ArtBound Initiative Virtual internships here.

ArtBound Initiative connects students and recent graduates with key players in the creative industry in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. The program includes: guaranteed internship placement, one-on-one coaching, travel support (housing, visa & insurance), and events.

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