ABI Profile: William

June 23, 2020


is a video editor based in Sydney who holds a BFA in Creative Media from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS). He did an internship at Mutter und Vater in Berlin in the spring of 2020.



"I interned at Mutter und Vater Productions - a production company in Mitte that specialises in commercial work and music videos. I was a technical intern who assisted their in-house editor, and I was also their social media coordinator."


Mutter und Vater's work


"I think the biggest impact is that I now have a production company behind me as I continue working in Berlin. They've expressed that they'll continue to offer help and support me past my internship. They also have a wide network of directors and they throw small get-togethers every now and then with people they've worked with - so these are good opportunities to meet other creatives and potential collaborators."


William at a Gallery in Berlin


"Moving to another country has been something I've always wanted to do and ABI just made it very easy - from obtaining a visa to the Nomaden database which was a moving-to-Berlin bible. The coaching sessions were also very valuable to help reflect on and grow from the experience."




See William's work at https://vimeo.com/williamtran



Read more about ArtBound Initiative's Berlin internships here.


ArtBound Initiative is a global internship program in the creative industry. We offer internships in art, architecture, design, film, tv, theater, fashion, communication, marketing and more. We offer internships abroad in 4 locations: New York, London, Berlin and Hong Kong. Read more about our internship program at www.artboundinitiative.com.  



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