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ABI Alumni Updates


is a previous participant of the ArtBound Initiative (ABI) program who interned last summer in NYC for Residency Unlimited. We checked in to see what she's been up to and what's next for her!

"The outcome of my internship with Residency Unlimited was the next internship opportunity with 18th Street Art Center Los Angeles in February, I helped them mostly in the college art association forum. I also collaborated with an artist in residence, Eva Davidova, during my internship. Our work showed on the billboard at Times Square in December of last year. That was the most remarkable outcome and memory from the internship."

After my New York Internship, I also worked as a Hong Kong Art Basel sales assistant for the 47 Canal Gallery in New York at the end of March. In April, I had an opportunity to work on an American independent movie called "Go Back to China" directed by Emily Ting, featuring Anna Akana and Lynn Chen. My position was a Production Coordinator."

"I plan to write my own script that hopefully am able to produce this year. I also intend to work in the curatorial department in a contemporary art museum."

​Intern in New York City through the ArtBound Initiative program. Internships available in New York City: gallery internships, art foundation internships, fashion internships, creative agency internships (both design and communication/marketing), theater internships, film internships, architecture internships, public relation internships, and more.

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