ABI Alumni Updates

July 22, 2018


is a previous participant of the ArtBound Initiative (ABI) program who interned last summer in Berlin for Berlin Independents Guide (BPIGS). We checked in to see what she's been up to and what's next for her! 

"I've noticed that I'm more confident in a networking setting than I used to be after going through the ArtBound Initiative program. I've learned to enjoy it instead of stress about it. I see it now as making a connection with someone rather than just small chat."


"This coming year I'm hoping to to move from being a Customer Associate at Anthropologie (high end clothing retailer) to working in their Visual Display department."







Intern in Berlin through the ArtBound Initiative program. 


Internships available in Berlin: gallery internships, art foundations internships, artist studios internships, creative agency internships (both design and communication/marketing), film internships and more.


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